Project Kits

‡ Kits include Printed Circuit Boards, Schematic diagrams, and description Hard / Soft copy.
‡ Costs of assembled kits are separately given in brackets
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‡ Buying unassembled kits will not bind us to debug the problems faced with.

1. Temperature controlled FAN—-500/-
This kit switches ON a fan whenever the surrounding temperature increases above a level set on the circuit. The circuit uses properties of a thermistor and a 8pin op-amp IC and may be utilized wherever automation with controlled temperature is required. An on board LED indicated the switching of the fan.
No of IC’s Used: One

2. Wireless power—500.00/-
Wireless transmission of electricity is shown with this circuit where the LED connected to a coil
illuminates, while comes in vicinity to another coil which transmits a inductively coupled energy which is absorbed by the later. Principle of the same is adapted in modern cell phones using wireless

3. LPG Detector/Alarm—-550/-
This alarm is highly useful for detecting presence of any traces Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It may be used in the kitchen, Hotels, LPG operated vehicles and too in LPG tankers. The kit detects the LPG vapours in the air and sounds an alarm along with Relay which can be used to switch any bigger loads. (Cigarette lighter that contains LPG will be provided with the kit for demonstration)

4. Simple Metal detector—-500/-
Detecting hidden metal objects like knives, pistols, and other life threatening objects was always a challenge. With this simple circuit, any metal object may be detected up to a distance of 30-40 mm and will be indicated with sounding of a buzzer. A pre wound coil is too supplied with the kit for minimizing the difficulty level.

5. Automatic Street light—-500/-
This is a mighty gadget that switches on lights during night and switch off the lights during day time. The circuit built around a single transistor interface to a Light sensitive resistor which senses light and activated a electromagnetic relay which in turn used to switch any external loads like bulb on 220 volts AC.

6. Automatic LED street light—-500/-
Light sensing properties of the light dependent resistor is utilized here to switch on and off a LED module which can be demonstrated as street light in a science fair model or project. A op amp LM358 IC is used to compare the intensity of the light with a pre set threshold and activate the light. This kit overcomes the wiring requirements and high voltages compared to the previous kit. A 12 volt switch mode power supply is provided with the kit.

7. Shock (vibration )detector—-500/-
Vibrations or shocks are sensed with the vibration detection properties of a piezo crystal plate which is
amplified by a Transistor and then fed in to a timer based on NE555 which sounds and alarm for a preset duration. IC used : One

8. Remote for Room Lights—-500/-
this innovative, easy to construct kit is capable of Switching light or any other appliance with this remote controller. The circuit used the popular decade counter CD4017 and other few passive components to switch a relay which can be then connected to any external loads A remote handset generally used for MP3 players is provided with the kit for ease of use.

9. Door Guard—-500/-
The sensor of the circuit is fitted to the door frame whereas the magnet (provided with the kit) is fitted to the door and alarm will sense the door position while being armed for any intrusions. When the door is moved by an intruder, the sensor senses the magnet going off and triggers a siren which will alert IC used: One

10. Clap Switch—-500/-
This mighty gadget senses the sound of a Clap with a microphone which is amplified by a front end high gain pre amplifier section, and the signal is utilized to trigger a flip-flop section built around 2 transistors, and then a relay is driven by a relay driver which is used to switch on/off any appliance. IC Used: None

14. Microcontroller based automatic flush system—-900/-
Here is an automatic flush system (toilet and urinal) that automatically flushes the fixture when the user departs. It employs an AT89C2051 microcontroller and an infrared sensor to detect a user approaching the fixture, then waits until the user departs. It also flushes before the person departs if the person is present for more than the pre-set time (5 minutes). CD4050 is used as a buffer for the output ports of the microcontroller, TSOP1738 is used as an IR sensor and a solenoid is used to actuate the flush from a 6V power supply with a battery backup inside the unit.

Mobile bug—-500/-
This gadget detects the transmission of any cellular phone operating in the ultra high frequency range in 1.5 meters of its radius. This battery operated gadget is highly helpful in classrooms and examination centers to prevent malpractices. The circuit is non responsive for 4G network communications. Number of ICs used: 2

18. Microcontroller based Digital water level controller with LCD—-1800/-
This circuit based on 89C51 Atmel Microcontroller, controls the pump used to fill the water in Overhead tank. The kit protects motor against Low voltage, High Voltage, and too dry run of the pump in absence of water. All events like Standby, Motor On, Low voltage, High Voltage, and Dry run are displayed on a 16 x 2 LCD display.

19. Fire Alarm with Siren—-500/-
This simple circuit detects fire / heat uses a thermistor as sensor to sense fire and activate an alarm. IC UM3561 is used as a Siren generator which is triggered by the change in temperature. The level of heat to trigger the alarm may be set by the preset on board. Number of ICs used: 1.

20. Knock Alarm—-400/-
This circuit converts knock on door, car’s dashboard, drawer, etc into a loud alarm using a loudspeaker. It can also be used to warn you of any unauthorized entry during night time, if installed at your doorstep. Number of ICs used: 1.

21. Infrared Object Counter—-700/-
This circuit can be installed in public places to count the number of people or objects passing through the transmitter & receiver. The circuit operates at a frequency of 38 KHz. The count will be displayed through the calculators. Number of IC used: – 3.

22. IR Remote Switch—-500/-
Switch ON/OFF of any appliance can be done using this remote receiver. The circuit uses any TV, VCR, VCD or CD player remote as transmitter. Indication of different output stages is provided by LED’s. This helps in better understanding and easy troubleshooting. The approximate range of the circuit is about 10 meters. Number of ICs used: 3

23. Long Range Burglar Alarm using laser torch—-600/-
This Circuit operates at a frequency of 35 kHz. If the transmitter & receiver parts are properly aligned, it can work up to a distance of 30 meters. When the object cuts the transmitter beam and the receiver part, a relay is switched. No. of IC used: – 1

25. Water Level Controller—-500/-
This circuit provides switching control of pump motor and pumps water from ground-level tank to overhead tank when the tank is completely empty. To monitor the status, each tank may be provided with three probes. Number of ICs used: 2.

26. Teleremote Control—-1200/-
This remote overcomes the range barrier of infrared remotes. Control is provided through the dial keypad of a remote telephone and switching on/off operation of up to ten appliances is possible. (This circuit is meant to control only four devices.)

Advanced Projects mentioned below are available on CD with complete descriptions, Datasheets, Schematics, PCB component side layouts and sample source codes. (Please note: PCB layouts and original Source code and Hex files will not be given)

1. DTMF Based Home/ Office automation with 6 devices control—-6800/-
This circuit when connected to a telephone line, can control up to 6 devices / appliances from any part of the world through DTMF signaling technique, which is decoded by the decoder and then processed further by the microcontroller. Press digit 1 to 6 to On/Off any of the 6 devices, 9 to switch on all the devices, 0 to switch off all the devices, 8 to disconnect the line to the circuit. This project is also controllable from a cell phone.

2. Automatic room light controller with Visitor counter:—-6500/-
This project with 89S52, microcontroller from Atmel, over comes the difficulties of counting the number of persons in the room as well it saves power when no people are in. As a person enters the room it detects the entry and displays 001 on the LED display and at the same time a relay is energized which may be further used to switch ON a light, and thus the count may increase up to 999. As persons leave from the rooms, it decreases the count and when it reaches 000, the relay is de-energized to switch OFF the light in the room.

3. Remote controlled switch board with fan regulator with AT89S52—-5300/-
This remote controlled switch board switches 4 lights and one fan with regulator using infrared based remote controller provided with the kit. The status of the six lights will be displayed by LED’s on the PCB whereas the speed of the fan will be digitally displayed by seven segment display connected to the AT89S52 microcontroller which controls all the vital functions of the switch board.

4. RF based 4 channel Remote controller based on HT12 En/decoder—-999/-
This is a remote controller which is widely used in robotic application where in momentary mode, 4 channels are available. Receiver side is equipped with four relays at the out put which can be wired in any configuration for the required operation. Individual addresses can be selected to operate more than one remote kit at a time.

5. Microcontroller based school bell system using Dallas 1307 RTC—-6000/-
This innovative bell system designed using Dallas DS1370 real time chip which is further used in conjunction with Atmel 89C52 for setting various bell timings of a day. Long bell and short bell rings can be individually selected using user friendly menu’s displayed on a 16 × 2 LCD. The bell may be an AC 220 volt operated device which is switched through a BT12/600 Triac and MOC3021 Opto coupler. The 16 button key pad acts as an input device for all the setting of the project and the CMOS battery in the circuit provides a backup of clock settings in case of power loss.

6. Microcontroller based Hotel bell / Nurse calling bell system—-6880/-
As compared to the regular multiple wired calling bell system, here we present an ultramodern Digital calling bell system, comprising of 2 units namely the Master module and the Slave. Each slave module represents a particular room or caller and the codes sent by the slave, are read by the Master unit and is displayed on 2 seven segment displays. Only 4 wires are used for communicating between the Master and all the slave units up to 99 rooms or beds. The said communication is capable of working practically over 1500 meters as the same works on RS485 mode. 4 slave units will be supplied with one master module in the kit.

7. Multipurpose Four channel RF Remote with 89C2051 Microcontroller—-1550/-
This is a remote controller which can be widely used in robotic application when in momentary mode. All the 4 channels can be individually programmed as latched outputs for lighting loads or momentary outputs for bell or any other automation requirement. Receiver side is equipped with four relays at the out put which can be wired in any configuration for the required operation. 4 individual addresses can be selected to operate more than one remote kit at a time.

8. Microcontroller based quiz buzzer display with priority function—-6500/-
This circuit is an AT89C52 based Quiz display capable of handling up to 6 contestants. The first priority person’s number will be displayed on a 2.3 inch height 7 segment LED display. This project comes with Priority. Means all the contestants are displayed in order of their priority one by one. Two reset buttons take care of the same function. One is temporary reset and other is the master reset.

9. Wireless fool proof Key less Ignition system for Cars—-4200/-
In contrast to present keys which can be duplicated easily in seconds, presented here is a totally wireless keyless ignition system which is completely fool proof and too the key of this gadget is copy proof. Master units comprises a LCD and a switch to start/ Stop the car and the hand held key is a wireless module transmitting different codes each time the switch is pressed which synchronizes with the pre-fed master codes stored in the Master unit and after confirmation of an valid code, the Master unit activates a relay to switch “ON” the ignition system. Thus the person having the key will have the access to the car.

10. Digital “Location display” for Buses and Trains—-7800/-
The receiver will have a LCD with backlight and the complete operation of this project is totally automatic. The receiver need to be kept or fitted on the moving Bus/ Train and the transmitters are needed to be kept operating in the particular station and as the Bus/Train approaches the active transmitter, the Location will be displayed on the receiver.

11. Secured Access control system with Tamper protection—-6300/-
Access control system described here is based on 89C52 is based on digital passwords up to 10 digits for having access to a secured area. The door status is constantly monitored and displayed on a 16×2 LCD module and is highly secured even in an event of power failure. Wrong password protection for 3 attempts and a master code for resetting the system is provided in the system. An intermittent warning buzzer for password tampering and a loud siren is provided to door tampering detection. A on board relay is provided with a 3 Pin connector for any external loads to be connected.

12. RFID based Keyless lock with Atmel 89C52—-7800/-
The access to the door is only granted to those persons having a valid RFID card. In case you loose your card, still you can open the door by just entering the 10 digit master code provided with the kit. The door status is constantly monitored and displayed on a 16×2 LCD module and is highly secured even in an event of power failure. Wrong password protection for 3 attempts with intermittent warning buzzer for password tampering and a loud siren is provided to door tampering detection. A on board relay is provided with a 3 Pin connector for any external loads to be connected. In case of invalid card is swiped, the system is deactivated for 60 seconds. The kit will be provided with a RFID reader module, Master kit module, and two valid RFID cards.

13. Remote controlled security for the Cash Bag—-9999/-
Carrying heavy cash is always risky as the person may be attacked by miscreants for the cash and the life of such person is always at threat. Here presented project overcomes the problem by providing wireless remote controlled security for the cash bag. A receiver will be fitted inside the briefcase and a handheld transmitter will be carried by the person. When activated, the Vibration detection mode detects any vibrations and sounds and alarm whenever the bag is moved or snatched. In case the miscreant still decides to run away with the bag with siren sounding, a panic button on the remote can be pressed and the person running with the cash bag will be instantly electrocuted with up to 400 volts on his body which makes him leave the bag and run for his life. The remote may be effective for a distance up to 100 meters from the bag. The charge delivered by the electrocution is harmless for human life due to minimum current but with high voltage. Please note: Due to advanced design and difficulty level, this project comes completely assembled and tested installed in a briefcase.

15. Fake number plate detection system with engine immobilizer—-8000/-
A lot cases are unsolved regarding theft of vehicles where the original number plate is replaced with fake ones thus making it difficult to trace the origin of the stolen vehicle. This innovative project detects the difference between the original and fake number plates and immobilizes the engines as soon as a fake number plate is detected. The engine will resume its operation as the original license plate is fitted back in its position. Due to advanced design and difficulty level, this project comes completely assembled and tested installed on a board for easy demonstration. The engine is simulated by a fan operating on 12 volts.